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Art by Ruth Asawa in the De Young Museum in San Francisco (photograph by Woodlouse, via.
Throughout it all, he kept prodigious notebooks, in "mirror" writing, to keep track of his ideas, designs, and liceo scientifico da vinci bologna numerous sketches.When Milan was seized by French troops in 1499, Leonardo returned to Florence.In addition, the arts benefited from the patronage of such influential groups as the Medici family of Florence, the Sforza family of Milan and Popes Julius II and Leo.Leonardo spent his later years moving between Florence, Rome and France, working on a variety of projects.His output during this period included two of his best known paintings: The Madonna of the Rocks (1483-85) and the mural, the.After being in a British museum for over 150 years, the mummified head of a Maori chief is finally being returned to New Zealand.Initially in a literary revival Renaissance was determined to move away from the religion-dominated Middle Ages and to turn its attention to the plight of the individual man in society.The major influences that have been felt through ages are the value of realistic drawing (academic drawing using perspective to create the illusion of space, humanistic content (interest in individuals as individuals, rather than types or just models of saints and mythological figures).
Any subject - and there were many - toward which he directed his insatiable curiousity, artistic talent and keen scientific mind found itself dissected, improved upon and catalogued for posterity.
Leonardo, truly, was a man before his time.Representative Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, sandro Botticelli, raphael, titian.Leonardo lived 1450 to 1519.The worlds tiniest Mona Lisa, just the width of a single hair, was created by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology.Wikimedia for the first time, Qatar and Fiji had places designated as World Heritage sites by unesco.For Qatar, its the Al Zubarah Archaeological Site and for Fiji its the Levuka Historical Port Town.

So he is not only the creator of the most famous painting in the world but also famed for inventive creative genius.
Body of Work, how to make this brief?
He painted, did murals and drawing as well.