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You must have holiday insurance that will refund the money you pay to me if you cannot attend.
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If even one person doesn't show up we are compromised.References edit, external links edit, retrieved from " p?titleAustin_Vince oldid ".Shower, cocktails, dinner tagliando mini countryman sd and crisp cotton sheets!Payment - 949, don't pay anything until you have read my 'statement of expectations'.If youre interested, more details are here.You are gambling with substantial sums if for whatever reason, however understandable, you have to cancel.
Inspired.) But when youre riding a bike thats literally powered by light, youll be going too fast to even see colour.However, it's how I roll so there's no point in signing up and then leaving the trip at the end of the first day spluttering ".Saturday morning, ride off into the sunset (as far as that is possible before lunch).It is how I simply find out who is and is NOT serious about attending.Pay, by making a bacs transfer to the bank of Mini Mondo with a ref of your surname.

Be safe by NOT motorcycling.