One of those guys faced a charge from a ferocious porker.
The Vinci has a plug in recoil pad samsung tab 3 цена в казахстане system which allows for changes of length by means of (3) different recoil pads (LOP 14 was 1/4 as tested).A lot of people will think it is worth it though.When this is tensioned, it whizzes back unlocking the head so all parts then go rearwards together removing a shell (if loaded) and ejecting.I will note at the beginning that it is a novel, inertia operated, modernistic gun made by a well known firm (now part of the Beretta empire) and imported by GMK.As the working parts go forward, the head locks into the barrel and stays there on firing.Length of Pull: 14 3/8.
The test gun is a high capacity 12 bore semi-auto, vinci from Benelli with a black synthetic stock and 9 shot (81) mag extension infissi a taglio termico scheda tecnica (there are other FAC variants - see Tech Spec).
Shooting Impressions, this Vinci was, vinci it partner as you might expect, a lot of fun to use with its high capacity mag.
The Benelli Vinci raises the standard for firearm technology.Like other guns of the marque, the mechanism uses a rotating bolt head attached to the main body of the bolt by a short, stiff spring.The 828U features: Patented steel locking system and plate.Well, that seems a lot, but Ido think the system more effective than a plain comb.Barrel Length:.5.Also available in a Vinci Speedbolt configuration.Stock: ComforTech Plus Synthetic, capacity: 31, chokes: IC, M,F.Type of Sights: Ghost Ring, length:.75.

Other features include a fully-adjustable ghost-ring aperture rear sight and windage-adjustable front sight.
The difference with the Vinci is that it has a system that operates absolutely in line with the bore axis, reducing muzzle flip and improving speed of function.
Well, firstly, it is a pretty sexy looking thing if that is an appropriate adjective for a black gun.