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Do you offer other colors besides white for the jordan almonds?
Jordan almonds are a traditional Orthodox favor.
In a baptism, the indivisibility of the union of the baptized child with his or her Godparents.How soon before my event date can I order my favors?There ebay offerte cellulari usati is no one correct way to spell this word - you will likely encounter a variety offerte samsung galaxy tab 4 of spellings.Bomboniere is the traditional word in Italian and Greek.What's the correct spelling and how do you pronounce bomboniere?In Italian, the name can also be confetti.However, styles can range widely and can extend to the elaborate, distinctive and fun.
The traditional amount is 5 almonds which symbolizes: (1) health (2) happiness, (3) fertility, (4) wealth and (5) a long life.Favors can be filled with more than 5 almonds, if desired but the number has to be odd and indivisible (i.e., 7, 11 or 13 almonds).Explanation card - Wedding - 5 almonds.For codice promozionale zooplus 2018 weddings, they may be placed out at the table settings, distributed at the end of the night, placed out along with table assignments, or given out by the bride and groom.The odd number of almonds is indivisible, just as the Bride Groom shall remain undivided.The white symbolizes purity; the egg shape represents fertility and the newly married life.Colored almonds - which may start to fade in color after a few months - stay fresh for up to about 6 months.The hard sugar coating provides a protective wrap that keeps the jordan almond fresh for many months.

About Bomboniere / Jordan Almond Favors.
You can substitute these colors in your bomboniere if you wish - at no extra charge.