da vinci demons tv show season 3

Missing Mom : Da Vinci's mother disappeared when he was young, and he cannot remember her face.
Fingore : Nico suffers a hand-variation.Evil Sounds Deep : Pope Sixtus IV has a very resonant baritone, borders on Badass Baritone.The Sword in the Stone is also present.Click here to subscribe.Sacrificial Lion : Giuliano de Medici.In real life, Amerigo Vespucci was born two years after Leonardo da Vinci; in the show he seems to be ten years older.And as soon as he does, he proceeds to show an unsoliciting Lorenzo the Magnificent his designs.Handy Cuffs : Lucrezia uses her chains to kill Bayezid II then steal the keys to escape.Clarice Orsini: ".or I will have your titles and your testicles removed."Well Done, Son!" Guy : Leonardo, Riario What Happened to the Mouse?
Doing In the Wizard : Leonardo accomplishes this in "The Prisoner writing off the idea of demonic possession and concluding the cause of the nuns' symptoms was a hallucinogenic fungus placed on the feet of the statue.
Please read the following before uploading.Noodle Implements : The shopping orologio cellulare samsung prezzi lists that Leo gives to Zoroaster and Nico.Abusive Parents : Piero da Vinci (Leonardo's father) most of the time, and Pope Sixtus IV towards his illegitimate son Riario.The first time, when Leonardo realizes his sleeping drug didn't work on Vlad, and sees him in the rafters: Leonardo Da Vinci: "." The second time when Zoroaster hits him with a heavy cross to little effect: Zoroaster: "Shit." Vlad then knocks him across the.This makes Lorenzo's Anti-French, Anti-Church policies a tad surprising.When an offended Giuliano lets slip to the Church exactly how many of da Vinci's rotating canons they have.I Did What I Had to Do : Riario knows many of the things he's done are terrible, and that he will do guida taglia scarpe zalando terrible things in the future.

Please give me something to drink from the fountain of memory." "Time is a river." Artistic License Geography : The ships in search of the Book of Leaves sail across the Atlantic and land at some jungle apparently right next to the Andes.
Mercy Kill : Lucrezia delivers one to Becci, who she has framed as being the traitor working for Rome.
Honey Trap : Lucrezia, to Lorenzo, and possibly Leonardo Hotter and Sexier : Averted with the first half of the second season.