dare per scontato traduzione

More_vert We can no longer take our relationship with Africa for granted.
More_vert Yet we must not take the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for granted.
More_vert We need to bring the people of Europe with us at each stage and we cannot take their support for granted.
More_vert, i am all the more pleased since I know that this cannot be taken for granted.In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari.More_vert This is clearly simply assumed.Una spia che abbiamo dato per scontato fosse Simon.Far too often their contribution to society has been taken for granted and certainly not always adequately rewarded with a reasonable income.More_vert We cannot take the people's assent codice promozionale kiabi 2018 for granted.More_vert It really cannot be assumed that it will have any detectable effect on the environment.More_vert At the time of our greatest success, the enlargement to 25, we find ourselves cast down by doubts and recriminations.The ceiling of 1,24 of GNI will be taken for granted.
More_vert, achieving a negotiated solution on the Kosovo status issue cannot be taken for granted.
More_vert It should not be taken for granted, however, as permanent measures are needed to keep it that way.More_vert, it is not something that can be taken for granted, but it deserves particular emphasis in this case.More_vert (PL) Madam President, the majority of us can take free access to water for granted.Nessun risultato trovato per questo significato.ItalianNon possiamo dare per scontato il consenso della popolazione.For corruption of minors.ItalianNessuno può permettersi di dare per scontato l' esito del referendum irlandese.È che avevo dato per scontato sarebbero state donne.

More_vert, visa liberalisation is a privilege and not an automatic right which can be taken for granted.
More_vert, much of our criticism or our requirements today will seem self-evident in a while.
More_vert When considering this issue, we cannot be homogenous and assume that everybody is equal.