Optus, since Optus has physical stores throughout Australia, including international airports, buying one of its SIMs is straightforward.
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Lebara Standard Plan means the Lebara Standard Plan adopted and introduced by the Company on or around, further details of which are set out in the Lebara Services Description.
Premium rate and reverse charge messages are not included in the standard rate so additional charges may apply.3.3 Where You do not recharge for a continuous period of 395 days following your activation (for SIMs with preloaded credit) or last recharge of the services; or 60 days following activation of SIMs with preloaded plans the Agreement will terminate automatically and shall.2.2.3 If purchasing via Our Website and Your order is accepted, Your Lebara pre-paid SIM Pack or Starter Pack will be dispatched to You.The Agreement, as amended from time to time, will be available on the Website.3.4 If you are an individual, in the event of your death, Lebara reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without notice as soon as Lebara becomes aware of your death.10.3.15 For the avoidance of doubt any physical Recharge voucher shall expire by the date stated on the voucher (if any).You must immediately comply with any such request.7.2.4 If Your Lebara mobile phone, SIM card or accessories develop a fault or need repair as a result of them being defective within 6 months of the original purchase date, please contact who will help or arrange for Your mobile phone or accessories.Terms and Conditions apply, expiry Date: 30/4/2013.Go to the MyLebara page online and log in with your details you chose when you created the lect a top up amount before adding your NUS card number to claim your discount.6 Item(s page: 1 of 1, show.
7.2.10 we are not able to deliver packages to universities, hospitals, colleges, building sites or other such areas.
No refund will be available if: We do not receive amazon tablet samsung in offerta the mobile phone and other goods by the required date; the mobile phone and/or other goods have been used; or We do not receive all the accessories that we sent to you.Handsets With Lebara Mobiles SIM-only plans, youll need to provide your own unlocked smartphone to use with the service.Therefore, we do not provide you with a tax invoice.Customer means any natural person, legal entity or partnership that uses the Services provided by Lebara and is deemed to have accepted the Agreement.6.3 You must return the SIM card within a reasonable time when requested by us if we issue you with a replacement SIM card or we no longer supply the Service to You.15.10 At Our discretion We can refuse to provide any part of the Services to You.Carrier has the same meaning as defined in Section 7 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.Before joining Lebara Mobile, galaxy note 4 al prezzo più basso its recommended you check the coverage availability in your area.Once You receive the delivery, it cannot be returned.Lebara or the licensor fully retains the rights to all corresponding Intellectual Property Rights.

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