The first name, was Leonardo, was the important one.
Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, therefore his inventions were paintings.You will find some of them by clicking the link below.Even though he worked for the military, his love for art remained with him.The public never approved of Da Vinci's anatomical dissections.Leonardo decided to move to France and spend the rest of his life there.But, the machine did create the theory for flight.If you look at Mona Lisa's face it is not clearly a woman, nor a man.Why is she smiling?
Leonardo da Vinci's contributions gratta e vinci vincente battaglia navale to art show not only in his early works and masterpieces, but also in his many writings.He studied anatomy of the human body in great depth and in order to explain his thoughts on anatomy he created hundreds of drawings.No one can list all of his paintings because not all of them were recovered.His father was from a rich family and his mother was a poor peasant.Anatomical studies and drawings, leonardos fascination with anatomical studies reveals a prevailing prezzo smartphone htc artistic interest of the time.The tank could be powered either through the use of horse, or by men hand cranking.But it isnt that strange for Da Vinci, who was known foto invenzioni di leonardo da vinci to take ages over a single painting or work of art, leaving onlookers wondering if it was ever going to get finished.In Da Vinci's designs for "Gran Cavallo" he creates entirely new ways of casting so that the hors will be able to stand upright.His famous paintings can be found in the Louvre museum in Paris which has had them for over 200 years now.Despite that, Leonardo is often credited with inventing the concept of a helicopter or at least the concept of vertical flight.

In the face of his overall achievements, therefore, the question of how much he finished or did not finish becomes pointless.
He was also interested in astronomy and was the first person to explain why the sky is blue and also why the moon is dimly visible when it becomes a thin crescent.