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Solovtsov" Sergeychuk Tatyana Aleksandrovna, Tyumen.
The attribution of the work proposed by Kauffmann has always met with the agreement of scholars due to the obvious similarities to the other works of the maestro and offerte volantino carrefour frosinone in particular the Adoration of the Magi (Florence, Uffizi Gallery).
Artwork TitletitlelangfrLa Vierge, l'Enfant Jésus et sainte Anne deHl.On the death taglie pantaloni uomo italiane of the cardinal the picture was auctioned and sold a number of times until it was identified and purchased for Pius IX (pontiff from 1846 to 1878) for the Vatican Pinacoteca (1856).Anna Selbdritt, Szene:.Organiser of the research: Senatorov Vyacheslav Gennadevich,.Subscribe for exclusive news and discounts.The earliest mention of the St Jerome dates in fact to the beginning of the 19th century, when it is attributed to Leonardo, in the will of the Swiss painter Angelica Kauffmann.
According to tradition the cardinal discovered the painting divided into two parts: the lower part in the shop of a Roman second-hand dealer where it formed the cover of a box, and that with the head of the saint at the shop of his shoe-maker.Still in the sketch state it is one of the most enigmatic works of the great Tuscan painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and philosopher.Zotov "Criminalistic identification of a person in portraits taken from different angles".,., 1992;.A.Madonna and Child with St Anne and the Young St John.Anna, Maria, Christuskind mit Lamm TechniqueOil on panel Dimensions sizecm168112 Location Paris Country France Gallery.Orlov "Identification by photographs".,., 1974; Experts: Senior forensic expert captain Mikhalchenko Irina Igorevna,.