Vincenzo Perugia apparently believed that the giornale di vicenza offerte di lavoro painting belonged in Italy instead of France, so he went to the museum with sconti vestiti bambini two friends, took the painting out of its frame, hid it under his smock, walked out of the museum, and hid it under his bed!
Leonardo Da Vinci and his good friend, donato Bramante created their works together to express the religious doctrine of the "Two Faces of the Soul.".
The Mona Lisa Code made its first appearance in Bel-Air Magazine's June-July, 2010 issue.
Visionary historian Scott Lund has released amazing visual proof that the painting portrays the soft light of sunrise on Christmas morning in Rome, 1500.Our book, the Mona Lisa Myth, is the first to assess the implications of this discovery, particularly with regard to the other Mona Lisa in the Louvreand indeed, with regard to Leonardos oeuvre altogether.It was that instant which was frozen forever on the Mona Lisa.The other two paintings support the original conclusion by portraying the Autumn equinox and Summer solstice of 1500 AD, respectively."Partial pillars and the wall behind the Mona Lisa figure, as well as the chair she sits on, are clearly derived from the architecture of the small chapel says Lund, who asserts that Da Vinci and his good friend Donato Bramante created sister projects.Lastly, the background was not at all like the one shown in the Louvre version; even to uneducated eyes, it was clear that this part of the painting was unfinished.(Photos by Massimo Casavecchia and Scott Lund, with special thanks to Trastevere App of Rome for their support and assistance.) History sleuth Scott Lund holds press conference on 9/10/11 at world's most celebrated meeting place dateline rome sept.Mona Lisa was returned safely home to Paris.Mysterious mountain landscape of the Mona Lisa concealed Secrets of the Stars dateline LOS angeles JAN.Investigative writer Scott Lund has discovered these startling images that identify the end of a survey line that Leonardo da Vinci drew from the Vatican to the primary cult site of the Childbirth goddess Diana at Lake Nemi near Rome.It was widely reported by Italian news media at that time.
The results were amazing!
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Mhra style classbrain, 'Mona Lisa Inside The Da Vinci Code, 16:35 UTC, m/mona-lisa/ accessed The Chicago Manual of Style classbrain, Mona Lisa.Da Vinci had written about the concept, and he believed souls gave birth to other souls.Register magazine Reporter for popular Southern California arts section looks into Scott Lund's challenge January, 2011 Go to Coast magazine article.Blaker was curator of the Holburne Art Museum in Bath and a consultant to a number of prominent families and collectors in England, including Gwendoline and Margaret Davies (who eventually bequeathed their fine collection of 19th-century French art to the National Museum of Wales).His findings, sent to over 500 of the top Art History professors throughout the world, have not been refuted.The Mona Lisa smile has become almost a trademark of Leonardo.It stayed there for two years.