Do not plant lesser periwinkle in naturalized areas along streams and waterways where there is a high risk for wildfires.
The soil will dry out much more quickly in containers or window boxes than it does in the garden.
Azores, W C Mediterranean Vinca erecta Regel Schmalh.
If it enters an area of the garden where you don't want it to grow, vigorously weed it out, removing all runners and carefully removing all root systems as well.Plant it on steep banks for erosion control, as a bedding plant or in planters and window boxes.9 Many cultivars are available, with different plant, leaf, and flower - colors, sizes, and habits."Synthesis and biological evaluation of Vinca alkaloids and phomopsin hybrids".If necessary, use an herbicide to stem its progression).Partial shade, full sun or full shade cerco cuccioli di cane taglia piccola in veneto are fine.Its not a great alternative, but at least it can help keep the disease from spreading to other vinca in the same area, he said."Recent applications of Cp2TiCl in natural product synthesis".
"Chemotherapy for Childhood Leukemia".
Plant or transplant lesser periwinkle whenever the ground can be worked.
Early spring is best.Global Compendium come vincere la stitichezza of Weeds: Vinca major Global Compendium of Weeds: Vinca minor Hesse, Manfred (2002).Species edit Accepted species 1 Vinca difformis Pourr.Once the fungus attacks the roots, it spreads upward to the crown and eventually becomes airborne.A b c van Der Heijden, Robert; Jacobs, Denise.; Snoeijer, Wim; Hallard, Didier; Verpoorte, Robert (2004).On the other hand, a warm, dry spring discourages the fungal growth in the soil and lessens the chance that vinca will exhibit blight.Lesser periwinkle is a good fire-wise plant for areas where the risk of wildfire is high.Use houseplant potting soil and check the soil often for dryness.It blooms in late spring and occasionally in summer and fall.He cautions against planting them in the same bed every year.

Water the plants a day or two before dividing.
Owings said that well-drained soil and direct sun for eight or more hours a day can also help vinca thrive and avoid an attack.
Vinblastine is a chemical analogue of vincristine and is also used to treat various forms of cancer.