Z 4 Blue-green leaves with strong mottling and pink buds that open to face outward. .
Z 5-9 N This is a winner of a garden phlox. .
One of my favorite plants!Pic courtesy Walters Gardens. .Plants and Flowers that will grow in taglio capelli della barale Deep Shade.9.95 or 1 gal.Deep purple blue flowers in summer, but the foliage is king.Leaf blades striped with creamy yellow, yellow, green. .Bear's leonardo da vinci age Breeches are huge, mound forming perennials with dramatic, deeply cut, bright green leaves that can reach one foot wide and two feet long.They are useful to tuck in wherever you dont want a bare spot in winter and early spring.Add maroon bottlebrush-like flowers in July and August and you have a new-to-the-world winner.They require constant moisture and good drainage.A broad, bright yellow stripe in spring slowly changes to chartreuse in summer.
Vanilla Gorilla z 4 12" clump of amazing, deeply lobed, blue-green foliage with a silvery cast and a broad creamy-white border. .
Over 500 flowers a season after 3 years.In spring, smoky blue-lavender fragrant flowers and leaves that come up variegated - pink, white and green.Cevennensis Silver splashed leaves up to 24 long.Japanese Sedge Grass is a semi-evergreen vigorous grower that will grow in full shade and even tolerates full sun in cool climates.Adiantum pedatum (Maiden Hair Fern) z 4-8 Plain green, but a beautiful delicate fern with horseshoe fronds.Four-inch, fully double, pink flowers on 32 strong stems. .

Sedum Autumn Joy The stems and seed heads add great interest to the winter landscape, especially when they serve as scaffolding for a layer of fresh snow.
Dwarf Periwinkle should only be grown in partial or full shade with a little morning sun.
Should add to the drama.