vinca major ground cover

Stunning rich blooms cover the plant in early spring (rare for an evergreen groundcover blooms persist sporadically summer through frost.
Family: Apocynaceae, native Range: Northeastern Asia Minor and adjacent western Caucusus.Vinca minor, smaller leaves and greater cold hardiness than sconto auto legge 104 Vinca major.Available with variegated foliage.Back to Previous Page, common Name: greater periwinkle, type: Herbaceous perennial.Above, periwinkle creates a cool oasis in the understory in an area that would be too labor-intensive to hand weed and maintain.Periwinkle: Vinca Major, a sea of knee-high green.Space 12-18 apart to cover large areas.We will notify you as soon as possible if this should occur.Plant Availability Shipping: Although our inventory is updated on a regular basis, occasionally product items are out of stock and may not be available at the time your order is placed. .They also provide a lush canvas that allow your brightly colored plants and flowers to truly shine.
Vinca major saves me about a bazillion hours of weeding each summer, smothering out just about any weed bold enough to insist on staking a claim. .
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After a couple weeks of doing this, it stopped growing in the path and left me a handsome serpentine walk to my lower gardena welcomed new route as prior to this Id lose Boz and Gracie beneath the leafy waves.Vinca major, larger leaves and less cold hardiness than Vinca major.While the individual flowers are real lookers, like little blue polka dots floating on a sea of green, the real standout on this plant is its foilage. .I maintain its boundaries simply by mowing.Garden locations, culture, reliably winter hardy to usda Zones 7-9 where it is easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade.Below are the differences between Vinca major and Vinca minor.This guide is also available in printable.Solitary, tubular, phlox-like, pale violet-blue flowers (to 1 1/2 across) bloom on upright stalks from the leaf axils in spring, and usually continue to bloom intermittently throughout the summer into autumn.In southern climates where winter hardiness is not a problem, plants can spread somewhat aggressively into adjacent lawns or garden areas.

Excellent selection for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers.
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