vince vaughn dodgeball quotes

Tomorrow we're gonna pecker-slap those Globo Gym bastards.
Why would you hit a girl?
Gotta be limber and loose.They're definitely not on the court, Cotton.The girls beat us fair and square.If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.We're ready to play, Your Honour.Warning: Use with caution).La Fleur goes down - he's a sitting duck.What is so important that you need to interrupt me in my private reflection period?
But don'tjust take my word for.
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Because I bought out the second mortgage on your gym.Look, Peter, I know what it's like.Pepper, it's clear what the crowd wants, but the committee members have the final say.At least that wasn't weird.All I'm saying to you, Kate, is that you can admit the real reason why you showed.You'll be back in time.What I don't have in my office is a closet of years of financial transactions, devoid of any filing system known to man.I'm off the clock.