It is believed that the score was brought there by Vincis librettist and fellow Neapolitan Pietro Metastasio, a much-demanded poet of the time whose vinci subito kinder bueno libretti (among them.
His duet with Fagioli was a highlight and a textbook example of Baroque understatement: While Mandanes words rebuff Arbace, the music speaks of nothing but love.
Yuriy Mynenkos timbre doesnt come up to the others, but he gave a fine performance as Megabise.LOlimpiade and, ezio ) inspired many others (like Mazzolà for.The villain Artabano (Arbace and Semiras father) was given by Daniel Behle, whose tenor singing, especially regarding flexibility and intonation, was among the best heard in Vienna lately.The lone tenor among these falsetto stars, Juan Sancho matched them in terms of virtuosity without sounding overpowering as Artabano.La clemenza di Tito ).In this piece, he literally goes over bodies to ascend to the throne, but is ultimately forgiven.Women were banned from Roman stages in the early 18th century, so Vinci deployed castrati as his heroines as well as his heroes.The other queen was actually a princess, namely Artaserses sister Mandane and embodied by Ceni in a glittering white and golden frock coat over red harem pants certainly the eyecatcher of the evening.
Metastasio 's libretto appealed quanto si vince con un ambo su cinque numeri to opera composers and operagoers so much.His was the most memorable showcase aria of the piece, Vo solcando un mar crudele, where Vinci depicted a storm at sea by the use of wavy coloratura interspersed with rising legato crescendo, thus creating a prototype of nature-inspired arias that soon became popular.Artaserse was, in his own words, his favourite child and a popular plot for more than 40 operas.It's not until now, as a matter of fact, that a critical mass of countertenors has been available to perform music of this difficulty, and the results are worth hearing on several levels.Vinci died young in 1730, apparently poisoned by a jealous rival in a love affair that turned sour.Born in 1690, Leonardo Vinci was based in Naples, succeeded Alessandro Scarlatti as vice director of the Royal chapel in Naples and was a teacher anne hathaway taglio corto of Pergolesi's.

The Concerto Köln, one of the longer-serving period bands, benefited from Diego Fasolis almost dance-like approach to conducting (partly) from the harpsichord.
The vocal display was not an obstacle to discovering the dramatic subtext but a glorious end in itself.